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Year: 2000 

Included: Game Disc, Jewel Case & Insert 

Condition: Pre-Owned 

Game Media Rating: 5/5 

Booklet & Manuals Rating: 5/5 

Case, Box & Sleeve Rating: 3/5 

Gunman Chronicles or Half-Life: Gunman (previously Gunman: TC and simply Gunman) is a first-person shooter space western video game originally created as a mod by the now defunct Rewolf Software. Gunman Chronicles was originally a Quake deathmatch mod named Gunmanship 101, then it was moved to Quake II's engine before becoming a Half-Life mod. The game was popular at the Half-Life Mod Expo in 1999, and Sierra approached Rewolf to make a retail version. After significant work and with some office space, funding, and added staff, it was released as a standalone game. Plans were drawn to release Gunman Chronicles on GameCube, but it was never released.

PC (IBM Compatible)
Microsoft OS Windows 95, 98, Me, NT4.0, 2000

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Gunman Chronicles

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