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Year: 2014 

Included: Game Disc, Insert, Jewel Case & Cardboard Sleeve 

Condition: Pre-Owned 

Game Media Rating: 4/5 

Case, Box & Sleeve Rating: 3/5 

Every night you have the same nightmare. You see children wandering through a maze, crying for help. These sleepless nights are ruining your waking life. To stop them, you must return to Sullivan River Summer Camp to uncover what happened during that long-forgotten summer. Beware though, this camp isn’t all that it seems. With every step, you can feel eyes watching you. Reveal the secret of the ancient labyrinth in this eerie Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Congratulations, Professor Edwards! You’ve joined the faculty of the oldest and most-respected university in the world. You’ve barely been teaching for a semester when tragedy strikes during the fall break. Four of your students have gone missing while exploring the dangerous caverns under the campus! Is the legend about the Labyrinth under the campus actually true? What’s causing the abnormal physics in the water down there? You don’t have much time, because the rain keeps pouring down, flooding the caverns. Dig deep and keep your head above water in Sable Maze: Norwich Caves, an intriguing Hidden-Object Puzzle Adventure game.

PC (IBM Compatible)
Microsoft OS Window XP, Vista, 7

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Sable Maze: Sullivan River & Norwich Caves

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