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Year: 1999 

Included: Game Disc, Insert Manual & Jewel Case 

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Game Media Rating: 5/5 

Booklet & Manuals Rating: 5/5 

Case, Box & Sleeve Rating: 2/5 

Emergency Room: Disaster Strikes was developed and published by Legacy Interactive. The game was released for Macintosh and Windows on December 10, 1999. The game features similar gameplay to its predecessors. In the game, three disasters have struck California: an earthquake, a winter storm, and a freeway pileup. The player must deal with the aftermath of the disasters. The player chooses which of the three disaster sites to report to, and then selects a patient to bring back to the hospital for an examination, tests, and treatment. The player begins as a Medical Student at Legacy Memorial Hospital, and must work up through the ranks of Intern, Resident, Attending, and ultimately Chief of Staff. The player's ranking increases after receiving high grades for successfully treating patients. After selecting a patient, the player must develop a treatment plan. In the treatment room, the player is presented with tables and trays that offer various items which may be used for treating patients. The game features more than 50 medical tools. After each patient case, the player is given a report detailing what was done right and wrong. The game includes 100 patient cases, and additional cases could be downloaded from the game's website. The game also includes 250 video segments, featured at the disaster sites and in hospital exam rooms.

Karen McCall of AllGame gave a score of three stars out of five, calling the game "realistic and exciting." McCall praised the graphics and sound, but noted that the medical tools were sometimes difficult to use. Bart Farkas, a former registered nurse and a reviewer for Inside Mac Games, scored the Macintosh version 1 out of 10. Farkas criticized the lack of realism in the game but stated that "for a layperson it might be a semi-interesting experience". Anne Royal gave the game three stars out of five and stated that it was "considerably better" than its predecessors. D. Ian Hopper of CNN also considered the game an improvement over its predecessors and wrote that it "makes a good attempt at being fun as well as educational," but noted that some of the patient injuries had nothing to do with the three disasters depicted in the game.

Apple Computer
Macintosh OS MAC OS 7.6
PC (IBM Compatible)
Microsoft OS Windows 95, 98

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Emergency Room: Disaster Strikes

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