Rating System

Games may be rated in order to better inform the the buyer of the condition of the item before making a purchase

Ratings may refer to several aspects of items included in the sale which may include the follwing

Media: This consists of the game disc or medium for which the game data is actually stored (surface of a CD/DVD disc)

Manual: This refers to the primary instruction manual if included with the game (we do not typically rate secondary inserts or additional literature)

Case: This refers to the plastic or jewel case that holds the game media

Box: This refers to the actual box or sleeve, usually made of cardboard that typically contains the game itself and additional items included

Package: If the game is sealed, this refers to the outside of the package and what is visible without opening the product

If there are multiple parts, such as several discs, the rating reflects the lowest rated disc of the set.

The following chart shows ratings and descriptions

1/5SuspectItem has severe or barely passable levels of damage that could potentially affect functionality
2/5AcceptableItem has moderate wear that could affect the value or life of the item
3/5GoodItem has some wear but would be considered normal for pre-owned condition
4/5ExcellentItem has very light wear only detectable with close inspection
5/5Like NewItem is in like new condition